Artist/ Band: A.C.T
Title: Silence
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

A.C.T. returns for itís 4th official release, first for InsideOut Music. Itís been approximately 3 years since their previous release, ĎLast Epicí, which to me was the bandís crowning achievement. I wasnít really sure if ĎSilenceí would measure up. There are some minor differences that of shorter and more concise songs. Some may think this would be a negative point, but once the listener digests this album a few times theyíll see it does follow in the traditions set by the previous releases.

Any one of the first 10 songs could be a hit single, probably not in the USA but in Europe Iím sure. The rest of the album is a 9 part epic. I would have rather it tracked as one continuous track though, since the pieces segue into the next.

Even though itís a simpler sounding album, A.C.T is one of those few bands that doesn't fall into any one genre. I would however classify them as a modern art rock/ glam rock band with itís musical influences, worn proudly on their sleeves, ranging from Queen and ELO to Aviary.

I must say that Sweden sure does have amazing bands of all styles coming from itís borders and A.C.T ranks among the most enjoyable. If youíre a fan of the aforementioned bands or A.C.Tís previous releases then this is a must have purchase for you!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Novemebr 4th, 2006


1. Truth Is Pain
2. Puppeteers
3. This Wonderful World
4. Out of Ideas
5. Hope
6. Into the Unknown
7. No Longer Touching Ground
8. Unseless Arguments
9. The voice Within
10. Polish, Reduce and Enlarge
11. Call in Dead
12-19. Consequenses
Silent Screams
The Millionaire
A Father`s Love
Memory to Flight
The Diary
A Wound That Won`t Heal
The Final Silence

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