Artist/ Band: Abigail's Ghost
Title: Live AT Rosfest 2009 (DVD)
Label: Aesperus Music
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

Abigailís Ghost has two amazing studio albums under their belts so a live product, a dvd no less, was a perfect next release for the band. The band hails from Louisiana, and have been compared to recent Porcupine Tree albums. That is true but Abigailís Ghost comes from a more accessible side of rock music whereas Porcupine Tree comes from the artsy or dare I say, progressive side of the genre. I think Abigailís Ghost expands on the ideas from say form In Absentia forward. Plus based on the performance on the dvd, shows the band having a more rock energy on stage whereas most progressive rock bands are sometime stiff like mannequins. The difference between the two bands comes more on D_letion than Selling Insincerity.

From the beginning of the DVD you feel the energy from lead singer/guitarist ďBonesĒ Theriot and rhythm guitarist Randy LeBoeuf. Randy is the most energetic and quite enthusiastic. Sadly the audience were too stiff to truly enjoy it. I know personally Iíd be showing my appreciation by standing up and clapping alongside the music. You knew right then and there you were in for a ride.

The setlist draws primarily from the recently released second album D_letion which Iím sure most of the audience havenít heard it until then. For people such as myself that missed this performance can experience the music from a live perspective over the studio versions. The songs stay true for the most part to the studio version but seeing the bandís live energy makes it more interesting. The rest of the band, John Rodrigue (drums), Kenneth Wilson (bass) and Brett Guillory (keyboards) are equally energetic.

Aside from the 20 minute in studio footage Ďeaster eggí (Click on Randyís mouth on the dvd menu). It would have been nice to have some more rehearsals, music videos (if any exist) and some interviews. I can just imagine them to be quite humorous and informative. Iím thinking the band wanted to get this dvd out while still fresh off the RoSfest stage in 2009 which resulted in the lack of bonus feature content. Iím sure that will be rectified on a future dvd.

In closing Abigailís Ghost captured me from the first album and continued on through the second album. So this dvd furthered my appreciation for the music. The sound and picture on this dvd is flawless (to my ears & eyes) which makes each viewing enjoyable as the first time. If youíre a fan of Abigail's Ghost, then this dvd is a highly recommended must have for your collection.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 6th, 2010


01. d_letion
02. Romantique Life
03. Cinder Tin
04. Sneak Peek
05. Close
06. Sellout
07. Cerulean Blue
08. Plastik Soul
09. Monochrome
10. Black Lace
11. Mother May I?
12. Gemini Man
13. Waiting Room
14. Annie Enemy

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