Artist/ Band: A Cosmic Trail
Title: The Outer Planes
Label: Thunderlight Records
Year of Release:
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The Review:

A Cosmic Trail is a brand new instrumental band that defies any singular classification due to the mixture of several styles like progressive rock/metal, ambient, post-rock/metal and so much more. I had a hard time finding out the full names of the band members but on their MySpace page, they’re listed as M.U., R.S. & A.P. Although I have been in contact with someone named Markus which partially unravels the mystery.

Their debut album The Outer Planes contains some of the most original sounding music that have so much emotion and power. I think to add vocals would interrupt the musical flow of the album. The song lengths stay between the seven and nine minute marks. Once you finish listening to the album you feel like you’ve been on this amazing aural journey that captivates you completely.

From the opening track “Navigator” (8:47) you immediately feel the power of a wall of music hitting you like a tsunami. The ending title track (9:13) leaves you wanting more from the band. To me that constitutes a flawless, well crafted body of work. I’m sure this band will continue to deliver the goods. This is by far one of my favorite instrumental and debut albums of 2010.

In closing, if you enjoy instrumental albums that doesn’t rely on noodling soloists, then A Cosmic Trail is the band for you. Even if you’re not an instrumental fan, this band will win you over with it’s almost soundtrack vibe. I have to highly recommend The Outer Planes.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 13th, 2010


01. Navigator
02. Wide Open Spaces
03. The Weald
04. Sunken Lanes
05. Passages
06. Outer Planes

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