Artist/ Band: 41Point9
Title: Still Looking For Answers
Label: ProgRock Records
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

This is a very good CD of album oriented rock with prog tendencies, featuring players from Enchant, Chick Corea Band and Spock’s Beard. It’s very pleasing to the ears and just the way I like my prog, with a small slice of mainstream. Big harmonies ala Kansas or Styx always get to me, and this album has plenty of opportunities to feature this.

“The Bullet’s In the Barrel” may remind you of Jadis, and “Living In Hard Times” and “One In a Bar” have a real AOR Kansas feel to them. “One In a Bar” in particular features a very nice mellifluous guitar solo. “Building Blocks” starts like a crunchy rock song, but by the end you recognize the various changes the song has travelled through, recalling a better Alan Parsons tune. They get a bit wild on the instrumental “Surface Tension,” with a frantic African beat, madcap guitars and crazy bass soloing. CD closer “The Torch” brings an Eagles flair to the Mr Mister vibe they’ve got going on here.

This is a strong album by a very new band. Kudos to Bob Madsen, Brian Cline and Kenny Steel, they have produced a work of merit that necessitates repeated listens. If you enjoy groups like Nick-lead Spocks Beard, Simon Apple, John Payne’s Asia, Jadis, or Mr. Mister, this will be a good purchase for you. I will reach for it whenever I’m hungry for strong melodies, easy going prog with good guitar work, and an interesting, talented lead vocalist.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on June 22nd, 2012


01. The Bullet’s In the Barrel
02. Living In Hard Times
03. Building Blocks
04. The Feather
05. One In a Bar
06.Surface tension (A Drive Thru the City)
07. Promise the Moon
08. Still Looking For the Answers
09. The Torch

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