Artist: Court
Date of Show: June 27th, 2007
Venue/ Location: The Gig, Los Angeles
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The Review:

Unfortunately, their world wind tour of the United States through the month of June is over. If you were fortunate enough to catch Italian Progressive Rock band Court in your nearby town though, you were treated to something really special. I caught the gig in Hollywood on June 27th 2007 at surprisingly enough, The Gig in Hollywood. Although they only played three songs, the set lasted close to 45 minutes as they closed with a 25 minute long epic. Court’s exuberance was infectious while they entertained a small crowd of enthusiastic LA prog fans.

I was especially impressed by the way they were able to convey such a full and symphonic sound with two guitars, bass, and drums. Absence of a keyboard player is brave for a prog band with such lyrical and pastoral aspirations, and Court pulls it off admirably.

Lead singer Paolo Lucchina’s animated personality was incredibly entertaining as he jumped around and impelled the gathering to get excited. I hear a Gabriel influence in his voice with maybe a touch of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder? Francesco “Linea” Vedani on drums was also brilliant, as was the amazing fretwork from Mose’ Nodari and Marco Strobel. I chuckled as I thought “celebrity look-alike” with two members of the band. Drummer Vedani looks similar to Bruce Springsteen when he was sporting a beard and Nodari recalls Marty Feldman born as an elf.

Court has a history since 1990 and has released three albums. This tour was to support the newest CD “Frost of a Watermelon.” Court is a band on the verge of a big break and I think they would do extremely well at one of the yearly progressive rock festivals. Baja Prog seems to be more international than many of the others and would be a great start. Alfonso, are you listening?

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on July 13th, 2007

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