Artist/ Band: Zebra
Title: The DVD
Label: Gigitally
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

In the mid-to-late 80’s there was a band that I loved called Zebra. They combined basically the melodic side of Led Zeppelin with the trio format of Rush or Triumph which resulted in many great memorable songs like "Tell Me What You Want" and "Who's Behind The Door”. Many years then a decade passed and I was re-introduced to the band when I purchased their greatest hits package. Still to this day, I think that Zebra is by far one of the greatest bands that ever was. I do think they should have gone on to be an even greater band but their debut came a decade too late.

Some back story on Zebra, they were formed in 1975 in New Orleans and up until their debut, they played covers by such greats as Led Zeppelin, Moody Blues, and Rush in clubs throughout Louisiana,. The trio was and is, lineup of Randy Jackson (Vocals, Guitar), Felix Hanemann (Bass, Keyboards), and Guy Gelso (Drums). In the early 80’s they decided to travel north to Long Island, NY and became just as popular in the club circuit there. In 1983, they signed with Atlantic Records and released their self-titled debut album that same year. The album was just as important (to me at least) as anything Led Zeppelin or Rush did. They released three other studio albums, ‘No Tellin' Lies’(1984), 3.V (1986) and a 17 year gap until their 2003 release, ‘Zebra IV’.

The DVD was recorded in 2006 at both the House Of Blues in New Orleans, and at The Downtown in Farmingdale, New York, which the latter was recorded from two different shows; a electric and a acoustic show. The video begins with a 25-minute "How It All Began" documentary, which tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Zebra.

Now before I continue, there is one gripe about this DVD which is there’s not a single, continuous, live performance on this DVD. In between most of the songs are interview footage. I don’t mind this if they had a “no interviews” feature. I found the interviews by the band, especially Randy Jackson's, to be very insightful. Oh and there’s a few humorous segments by friends of the band, "Stuttering" John Melendez and Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling, who all joking aside give the band props.

Very seldom does a hard rock band from the early 80’s have such an impact on many people like Zebra and they prove that after 30 years they still have that “spirit” and sound that got them that record deal in 1983. If you’re a fan of Zebra and or Led Zeppelin or Rush, then this DVD is a must have of a band that, in my opinion stands hand in hand with

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 17th, 2008


1. As I Said Before
2. Wait Until The Summer's Gone
3. Light Of My Love
4. K.K. Is Hiding
5. When You Get There
6. The La La Song
7. Bears
8. But No More
9. One More Chance
10. Tell Me What You Want
11. Arabian Nights
12. My Life Has Changed
13. No Tellin' Lies
14. Who's Behind The Door
15. Free
16. Take Your Fingers From My Hair

Bonus material:

  • Plus The Story of Zebra, Interviews, and more

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