Artist/ Band: Yak
Title: Dark Side of the Duck
Label: Yaksongs
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Dark Side Of The Duck is the project of Yak a.k.a. Martin Morgan, The subtitle of this CD is "An Instrumental Album Of Concepts By Yak" that reminded me at first of Camels Snow Goose and still does in many ways. There are 8 songs or concepts present that are created by Yak by using a synthesizer to emulate a near perfect four piece band electronically. The bass and drum tracks are so close to the real thing, your ears are thinking there’s more than one person doing this.

Now I have to direct the attention to the drums since they are the “almost” part in the equation but it’s goes so unnoticed (except to the trained ear, which I don’t have) to me and I’m sure most listeners. Besides why sit there and nit-pick about the music, life’s too short. Just listen and enjoy the beauty that Yak creates.

One of the highlights of the musicianship here is the keyboards. They’re very similar to the styling of the late Pete Bardens. I guess that’s where the afore mentioned Snow Goose reference comes in. Also there’s a jazzy feel to some of the songs.

The music on this CD are all pure retro symphonic progressive rock and shouldn’t be over looked. It is one of the more wonderful new instrumental releases and I hope that Yak makes more Yakmusic for us all. If this peeks your interested, then the Dark Side of the Duck is available through Martin's website (see Artist/ Band link above).

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 6th, 2005


1. Theme
2. Aragorn
3. Leylines of Yak
4. Yakrise
5. Frustration
6. Migration
7. Earthogrub
8. The Swan

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