Artist: Xinema
Title: Different Ways
Producted by: Bill & Bull
Label/ Date: Unicorn Records/ 2002


1. In the Scent of the Night [5:46]
2. Over the Sea [3:51]
3. The Last Flower [4:38]
4. Timing [4:30]
5. One Day [3:40]
6. Different Ways [4:51]
7 Maybe Time [3:06]
8. Across the Styx [4:43]
9. Distant Lights [5:03]
10. How Can I Believe [4:38]
11. The Secret [5:56]
12. Blind is the Light [7:04]

The Review:

Swedish band, Xinema (pronounced Cinema) is firmly rooted in the pop/ prog camp leaning towards the AOR sounds of Asia, Saga, GTR & 80's Yes. Sometimes they even invoke the sound of the more mainstream songs on U.K.'s 2nd release, Danger Money.

On Different Ways there's some excellent playing by this trio (bass, gtr, drums). The singer (also the bassist and keyboardist) is shades of John Wetton, so depending on your viewpoint, it may or may not be a good selling point.

Even the 2 of the 12 songs on the CD pay tribute to John Wetton, like opener "In the Scent of the Night". All songs range from 5-7 minutes with a personal highlight of "Blind is the Light".

I'm sure European and the rest of the world audiences will appreciate in the enjoyment hearing Xinema through radio and other media.

Sadly in the North American market, Xinema's music will probably won't see the light of day except on reviews such as this one.

Although not highly original, it is a nice CD to have especially for those not into the intricate complex progressive music out there today.

~Ron for [February 16th, 2003]

Band Members:

Mikael Askemur - Lead Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Programming
Sven Larsson - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jonas Thurén - Drums, Vocals

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