Artist/ Band: Xandria
Title: Ravenheart
Label: Drakkar Records
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Ravenheart is the second album from this excellent German gothic metal band called Xandria. Their sound can be summed up simply with a sound that is very similar to Within Temptation ( Mother Earth) as well as Evanescence. At the time of itís release, Within Temptation was still without a new release so it was a nice way to wait until they did. Although similar, Xandria seems to be more melodic based than the afore mentioned bands. Oh and fans of Lana Lane and Lacuna Coil will enjoy this band as well!

Thereís nothing new or groundbreaking but itís a nice addition to the goth metal genre that may appeal to some modern prog fans. Xandria will definately be the latest cross-over act, that may help bridge the gap between mainstream and prog audiences.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 30th, 2004


01. Ravenheart
02. The Lioness
03. Back To The River
04. Eversleeping
05. Fire Of Universe
06. Some Like It Cold
07. Answer
08. My Scarlet Name
09. Snow-White
10. Black Flame
11. Too Close To Breathe
12. Keep My Secret Well

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