Artist/ Band: Willowglass
Title: Willowglass
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Willowglassís self titled debut is a collection of instrumental tracks that focuses on the lighter and more melodic side of progressive rock. The band Willowglass is basically one man, Andrew Marshall, who wrote, arranged, produced and played everything (except for some drumming assistance by Dave Brightman).

After many listens of this CD, I find that Andrew is one of the better of the newer artists in the progressive music genre. The music he has created as Willowglass a timeless feel to it, which in my opinion is the mark of greatness. While itís not one of the more groundbreaking releases, who really cares! Besides to my ears, itís a far better listening experience from beginning to end than some of the hyped releases.

For those that need a focal point as to what style of progressive rock Willowglass is like, then Genesis and Camel are very good comparisons. Also another lesser known artist Willowglass is similar to is another British one-man band called Yak. To me this is one of the more beautifully perfect soothing releases to come forth this or any year. It will definitely be a constant rotation, as time permits. Iíd recommend this to fans of more mellow side of prog.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 13th, 2005


1. Peace
2. Remembering
3. Garden
4. Interlude No. 1
5. Tower of the King's Daughter
6. Summer's Lease
7. Into The Chase
8. A Blinding Light
9. Waking the Angels
10. The End

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