Artist: Wheatstone Bridge
Title: 3 Song Demo
Produced by:
Label/ Date: 2003

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1. Application One

2. Application Two

3. Application 3.1

The Review:

Wheatstone Bridge produced a 3 song demo with a total of 20 minutes of raw progressive rock music. It’s hard to describe their music but you can hear a slight fusion sound within the raw guitars, bass & drums. They have such potential for those into seriously complex music. SO watch out for this band in the future, hopefully not too long. Just remember that the songs here are in demo form and are a bit rough around the edges. I hope they can retain some of that roughness after a finished product. Too many progressive rock bands are too “slick” sounding and forget the “rock” part has to be raw. Please go to their website and hear for yourself.

~Ron for [April 20th, 2004]

Band Members:

John Taylor - 5-string bass, vocals
Ernie Planck - Drums, percussion, electronic percussion
David Wilson - Guitars, vocals

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