Artist/ Band: Waterclime
Title: Imaginative
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Waterclime’s new recording, “Imaginative“ continues more into progressive rock territory than the debut The Astral Factor. The solo member/creator of the band, Mr, V' handles all the instruments and vocals plus he wrote and produced the music. He states that he wants to "“To continue to explore progressive and symphonic rock through a Nordic atmosphere. Another goal was to challenge myself to write better and more adventurous songs with both melody and depth. On the first CD the songs was kind of in the same vein all along the album, with this one a more diverse and dramatic approach is taken”.

I do think his take on music is piecing together bit of the old and new ideas of progressive rock. I hear a very strong Yes vibe throughout, especially in the thundering bass lines. Waterclime is one of those bands that gets the picture of what progressive rock is all about. They progress with each release, capturing the essence of the genre without coming off as blatant clones especially do to the slight Nordic vibe heard on the album. One plus over the debut is while there are different approaches taken with each song, they mesh much better. Thus giving a very pleasant listening experience. Waterclime’s Imaginative is a recommended release for you! I’d also recommend it to fans of Yes.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 30th, 2007


1. Vision or Void (6:16)
2. Flashes (4:22)
3. The Angel and the Fireball (5:20)
4. Moonstream Portrait (4:55)
5. Starshine Theater (8:03)
6. A Journey to the Center of the Soul (5:03)
7. Sunset Morning (5:59)
8. Body Migrated (4:10)
9. Twilight (4:44)

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