Artist: Vutdevuk

Title: Ice Age

Produced by:

Label/ Date: Virus records/ 2003

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1. A Castle Made of Ice
2. Lost Night
3. Haunting
4. Softporn
5. Divided
6. Ice Age
7. Snowblind
8. Forbidden

The Review:

Brady Arnold aka Vutdevuk (yes you read right) has been recording progressive based music as a one-man band for years and his latest release is Ice Age. Keyboard based prog fans will love this for it has a healthy dose of Mellotron as well as other classic era sounding keyboards. Brady combines both class symphonic and modern ďneoĒ styles to get a moody collection of songs rooted in a winter theme. There are some jazzy moments as well as some complex area that reminds me of late 70's Genesis & Camel. Brady must have studied up and he delivers the goods!

Vocally Brady has a warmth and familarity to it. I canít pinpoint it but Iím sure once you listen to his voice, youíll agree.

~Ron for [February 29th, 2004]

Band Members:

Brady Arnold - All instruments, Vocals

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