Artist/ Band: Von Garcia
Title: I Think A Think
Label: Sluggo Goon Music
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Von Garcia's debut, I Think A Think was released in 2008 and can be considered a companion piece to At War With Self’s Acts Of God. Von Garcia has n indie feel to it while At War With Self has a experimental side. Both are eclectic mixes of songs and share a common love for improvisation. The main musicians are James von Buelow (guitar, keyboard, vocal) and Damon Trotta (bass, dobro, percussion, programming).

The album has 11 tracks which segues into the next. In that respect it would demand the listener to make time for an amazing aural adventure. Since the track blend into another, I feel I Think A Think should be listened to in one sitting. Preferably with headphones to hear all the nuances. It would seem that the band’s label, Sluggo's Goon Music, is offering the album for free via download. But once you hear the music you’ll definitely have to get the CD.

This album and band are definitely an acquired taste but once you connect to the music, you’ll be wanting more. I would without a doubt recommend I Think A Think to the more open-minded progressive rock fans. One of the best albums to emerge in 2008.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 15th, 2009


01. Ursa Major
02. Space
03. The Fog & The Mist
04. Rain Water
05. JP Splatter
06. buz
07. Empty Hands
08. Between a Prayer & a Dream
09. So It Goes
10. Rebirth
11. Garden Buddha

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