Artist: Vitalij Kuprij
Title: Forward And Beyond
Produced by: Vitalij Kuprij
Label/ Date: Lion Music/ 2004
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1. Forward And Beyond [5:40]
2. Piano Overture [5:37]
3. Time WIll Tell [6:50]
4. Varitions In D Minor [5:02]
5. Far From Home [6:32]
6. Phantom Flurries [1:06] (Europe Bonus Track)
7. Solar Impact [5:02]
8. Illusion [2:57]
9. Message of Hope [5:54]
10. Idol Tribute [6:47] (Europe Bonus Track)

The Review:

Vitalij Kuprij has a brand new instrumental CD, titled Forward and Beyond, containing eight neo-classical based songs, plus 2 solo bonus tracks on the European digi-pack version. The current Artension keyboardist, and former Ring of Fire member, brought along a host of guitar shredders for this recording to produce an aggressive, classically inspired instrumental metal release.

Iím only aware of two of the eight guitarists. The first being Symphony Xís guitarist Michael Romeo who is on board for the complex "Piano Overture". Then Javier Leal on "Far From Home", The other guitarists fit so well with Kuprijís keyboard style. Heís never too over the top but very much ever present unlike other keyboardists in this genre. You have to wonder why some guitar dominated bands have a keybaordist in their band when you can barely hear them.

This really isnít the type of music that will frequent my cd player but I can say itís very well done and any fan of this genre should pick up a copy very soon.

~Ron for [April 13th, 2004]

Band Members:

Vitalij Kuprij - All keyboards, Acoustic piano, Synth bass, and All drums

Roger Staffelbach, Michael Harris, Michael Romero, Jeff Kollman,
Javier Leal, George Bellas, Francesco Fareri & Borislav Mitic
- Guitars

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