Artist/ Band: Vio-fonik
Title: Re-inventing The Trio
Label: Scoba One Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

This is one of the more interesting jazz CDs to have come across my desk this year. The album is, ‘Re-Inventing the Trio‘, the artist is Vio-Fonik. They’re a trio of string instruments augmented by a percussionist. They hail from the Los Angeles area and consist of Harry Scorzo (violin), Robin Cecil (violin), Alan Mautner (cello) and Chris Garcia (percussion).

Vio-Fonik truly defies any classification because they encompass so many styles within their music such as Afro-Cuban, jazz and classical. All of those styles are rather new territory to me, especially the Afro-Cuban and jazz genres. I’m sure in time I’ll grow to fully appreciate this music even more than I do now.

This is a type of music that unfortunately I have little to no exposure in, but if you fancy music that has a more cerebral feel to it, then Vio-Fonik is the band for you and ‘Re-Inventing the trio’ is a recommended purchase. They have a page over at MySpace where you can hear four songs from this CD.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Novemebr 24th, 2006


1. Rives Park
2. Gig Dreams
3. Dad's Andante
4. Stevie's Dance
5. Spam
6. Brakes Are Bad
7. Paco's Belle
8. Main Street
9. The Prism
10. Angelo
11. Blues For Those That Can't Drive
12. Miss D
13. Wolfgang Se Fue
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