Artist/ Band: Vladimir Badirov Project
Title: Greeting From Nostradamus
Label: Unicorn Records
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

In October 2004, Drummer/ percussionist Vladimir Badirov has released his solo debut as Vladimir Badirov Project via Unicorn Records. Vladimir is more known in Russia but his style contains elements of world, progressive and rock music, with the emphasis in percussion (both acoustic and electronic). Most of the songs song familiar in some ways to the 80's King Crimson minus the vocals and soundscapes. There are some vocals on Greeting From Nostradamus but they’re minimal and done in a wordless tribal “scat” style. This combined with oriental and touching techno, Vladimir incorporates traditional Uzbek folk instruments (Nai, ud, tanbur, karnai & sato) to record this wonderful colorful album.

Greeting From Nostradamus, does take several listens to fully appreciate the music but once that happens it’s a keeper. This is a very recommended album from 2004 that needs more exposure.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2005


1- Nomad in Time
2- Dreamway to Scotland
3- Lay Back Nasretdin!
4- Ultimately for Screwy DJ
5- The Heart
6- Mechanical City
Greeting from Nostradamus
7- Caravan Enduro
8- Bottomless Abyss
9- Shaman
10- Vacuum Hush
11- Artificial Paradoxes
Bonus Tracks
12- Cold Passion
13- The Heart (Duduk Version)
14- Greeting from Nostradamus (alternative edition)

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