Artist/ Band: Variant
Title: Beyond Jargon
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

As it says on their myspace page, "A Variant where Prog, Rock and Metal Collide". This statement is so very true but only the foundation. The appropriately named Variant, is a new band from the Dallas Texas area, whoís music is hard edged song based with a progressive mind set with itís edgy variety of styles within the genre. Musically, to my ears at least, theyíre equal parts Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Wishbone Ash, King Crimson, Black Sabbath &Opeth (Damnation only) and Rush but at the same time theyíre none of those bands. Variant combines all of itís influences into a fresh sounding band that, I believe, is one of the better new progressive minded rock bands out there.

This s one of the rare times that I hear an album from an unknown act that I enjoy over and over. Yes I know that sounds like an amateur point of view but itís how I feel about the album and the band. After the cd is over, I want to hear it again and you know what, I hear new things each time. Now thatís the sign of excellent song writing and composing, well to me it is. Every song is great and together comprises a conceptual album about the times we live in. To get the best experience from the music, one must play it loud. I also found it very enjoyable to listen to with headphones, especially if youíre not able to play your music loud.

Still not convinced by my words, well you can go to their myspace page and hear 4 full songs and judge for yourself. Once you hear them, youíll want to purchase their debut cd, Beyond Jargon ASAP! This is a very recommended release especially for fans of the bands mentioned above!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 9th, 2006


1. March To War
2. Today I Tried
3. None So Blind
4. Deeds
5. Carrin' Carrion
6. Going
7. Regardless
8. Reflections
9. When the Lights On

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