Artist/ Band: Progressive Composers
Title: Prog Workshop
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

The Prog Composers: Prog Workshop is a compilation double CD made up of virtually unknown Progressive Rock artists and bands that can be read about on various online sites including the Progressive Ears website. Most of the music ranges from the more hard rock oriented to ambient cinematic textures and all points in between. The music is created in home studios whether by using either computer programs or recording in their own homes or space. Some of the production f the songs come off with a very “professional” sound to them, while other’s have a very D.I.Y. approach.

Almost every track on this compilation is fantastic but the tracks by Karda Estra, Visual Cliff, Salva, Ghosts Of Pompeii, Systems Theory, Xenith and Helmet of Gnats standout the most for me. The Visual Cliff, Salva and Helmet of Gnats are very guitar oriented while Karda Estra, Xenith, Ghosts of Pompeii and Sytems Theory have a more cinematic almost soundtrack feel to it. This isn’t discounting the other tracks, just that these particular one have reached out and grabbed me the most. By the way I have reviewed albums by Salva, Ghosts of Pompeii, Systems Theory and Helmet of Gnats.

Please help support the future of these and other independent progressive music artists by purchasing a copy of this compilation today. I firmly believe that the artists featured on this compilation are the future of this genre so any support is wanted plus you get over 2 hours of great music for a low price.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 11th, 2005


Disc One
1. A Thousand Deaths - Salva
2. John Deth - Karda Estra
3. Angelic Shield - Visual Cliff
4. Heaven - Kurt Michaels
5. Summer heath - Rare Bird Productions
6. Butterfly Kiss - Taiga Blues
7. Take Flight- Ron Imhoff's Chemistry
8. Borgo Pass - Ghosts Of Pompeii
9. The Warlord of the Air - Tom Byrne
10. The Odyessy - Greg Amov

Disc Two
1. Yesterday's Brain - Helmet Of Gnats
2. Equilibrium - Jeffrey Naness
3. The Matador - Noise 626
4. The Planet Lux - Radio Dystopia
5. Styrofoam - Van Allen Belt
6. Every Ordinary Day - Untitled By Unknown
7. Terror at the Opera - Xenith
8. No Exit - Systems Theory
9. 1 Oz. - The Rebel Wheel

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