Artist: V/A - House of Stairs
Title: Vol 1: Useless In Bed
Produced by:
Label/ Date: House of Stairs/ 2002


1. I Felt Your Arms Around Me [3:44]
- Miss Helsinki
2. Triangulor [5:40]
- Foe
3. Olestra (There's Only One Drinking Fountain In Heaven) [4:13]
- Lapsus Linguae
4. Phil Collins [4:35]
- American Heritage
5. Gaeous Echange At The Alveroli [2:52]
- Desmotabs
6. Pharoah [3:56]
- Guapo
7. Chiendents [3:35]
- Cheval De Frise
8. Sand (Blowing About) [2:08]
- Stars In Battledress
9. Stag [4:09]
- The Monsoon Bassoon
10. Life in a Lift Shaft [5:04]
- Max Tundra
11. The Blooding [5:40]
- Ursa
12. Only In A Rerun [4:45]
- Sweep the Leg Johnny
13. I'm Running Something [6:56]
- Defeat the Young
14. Drink Your Milk [5:53]
Geiger Counter

The Review:

A brand new indie label debuts with a compilation of various artists and styles. The styles on this compilation range from art rock to punk rock and everything in between. All of the bands are unknowns, at least to me but they're very good. Musically this is a very modern collection, nothing retro here! Some vocal and instrumental cuts ranging from over 2 minutes to almost 7 minutes.

Stand out tracks are from, Foe with their contribution of "Triangulator", a nice Crimson-esque bombastic style fused with a punk attitude. Next is, The Monsoon Bassoon's "Stag". Another Crimson-esque band this time fused with a swing sound. Sometimes it reminds me of Primus with a bigger production sound. Last stand-out track for me is from Geiger Counter's, "Drink Your Milk" which is a metallic assault combined with some odd time signatures and breaks from heavy to some subtle chaotic melodies. Very rocking tune.

All the bands on this compilation are very good, guitar driven music but don't take my word for it, just head over to the website at and hear for yourself.

~Ron for [June 7th, 2003]


1. Miss Helsinki
2. Foe
3. Lapsus Lingue
4. American Heritage
5. Desomtabs
6. Guapo
7. Cheval De Frise
8. Stars In Battledress
9. The Monsoon Bassoon
10. Max Tundra
11. Ursa
12. Sweep the Leg Johnny [2]
13. Defeat The Young
14. Geiger Counter

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