Artist/ Band: Various Artists
Title: Gospel for J.F.P. III: Tribute to Jaco Pastorius
Label: Moonjune Records
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Once in a while I get an album of unknown (to my ears) music. I think of it as a challenge and hopefully with my “virgin” ears, I can help give some insight for others such as myself. Here’s is such an album, a tribute to a legendary musician, Jaco Pastorius. Moonjune Records released this album called Gospel for J.F.P. III with various artists. Again, unknown (to me) that give their interpretations of Jaco’s music, both solo and with Weather Report. I am somewhat familiar with Weather Report, since I own a few of their remastered cds. I’m sure Jaco’s solo music is on par with that, so I have basic foundation to make some (hopeful) comments here.

The highlights for me are the opener, ‘Three Views of a Secret’ with its vocal intro leading into a world music vibe and the ending title track which to me sums up the meaning of this tribute album. The title track is also the only non Jaco composition. After several listens, it’s apparent to me that Jaco’s legacy is a rich one that deserves to be remembered for generations to come, especially to new audiences such as myself. I would recommend this album to Jaco’s fans as well as those of you who enjoy good exciting challenging music.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 26th, 2005


1. Three Views of a Secret (Hiram Bullock, Bireli Lagrene & Contrafarsa)
2. Las Olas (Micheal Gerber)
3. Havona (Othello Molineaux)
4. Continuum (Micheal Gerber)
5. I Can Dig It Baby (Grupo Del Cuareim)
6. Dania (Micheal Gerber Trio)
7. Punk Jazz (Gil Goldstein)
8. Teen Town (Kenwood Dennard)
9. Microcosm (Rich Franks, Alex Darqui, John Patituci)
10. Good Morning Anya (Zebra Coast)
11. Gospel For J.F.P. III (Trio Fattoruso)

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