Artist/ Band: V/A
Title: Give Us Moore: Gary Moore Tribute
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Here’s yet another tribute album from Lion Music. This time around they’re honoring guitarist Gary Moore by covering his 80's hard rock material. All the usual suspects are on board to contribute their renditions of Gary’s classic music. Most of it is pretty close to the originals without coming off as clones. Oh and the opening tune is called Led Clones done by Dogpound. They’re in fine form here. There’s a version of Over The Hill And Far Away by a band called Domain but Nightwish’s version is far superior. Joop Wolters’ version of The Loner is very moving and soulful. Regi Hendrix’ version of Reach For The Sky is quite appropriate since the original had a slight leaning to his brother, Jimi’s music.

All the other songs are good, but nothing earth shattering. As I’ve said before, Tributes serve no purpose these days since many record labels are saturating the market with them. I’d appreciate these songs as part of any of the band’s release. Maybe even a release of covers just like the way Lana Lane did with her Covers Collection.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 24th, 2005


1. Dogpound – Led Clones
2. Arabesque – She’s Got You
3. Domain – Over the Hills and Far Away
4. Star Queen – Empty Rooms
5. Daniel Flores and Friends - Wild Frontiers
6. Mark McGee and Luvplanet - Don't Take Me For A Loser
7. Tony Hernando – Thunder Rising
8. Joop Wolters – The Loner
9. Regi Hendrix and Craig Erickson – Reach for the Sky
10. Eric Sands - Military Man
11. King of Darkness – Falling in Love with You
12. House of Shakira – Shapes of Things
13. Iron Mask – Out in the Fields
14. Orion Riders – After the War
15. Mattsson – Parisienne Walkways

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