Artist/ Band: Variosu Artists
Title: Giant for Another Hour: Music Inpsired By And In Tribute To Gentle Giant
Label: Self Release
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Last summer, I reviewed a cd of various artists called “Giant For an Hour: Music Inspired By And In Tribute To Gentle Giant”. Now I have the pleasure to review the second part called “Giant For Another Hour: More Music Inspired By And In Tribute To Gentle Giant”. Both of these albums feature a bunch of fans of the band creating music, as the title suggests, music inspired by and in tribute to the band Gentle Giant.

This time around I see some of the songs going beyond the Gentle Giant shadow, so to speak, into some very original sounding progressive music. In fact in many ways, the music here sounds more like a band effort rather than individual entries. The songs segue so well into another thus almost making it a conceptual piece, music wise. It makes me wonder if there’s a band in the making here.

Since the music flows so well, it makes it hard to pick a favorite track but the first track “Let Truth Reveal The Beast” by Dan Bornemark and Helena Josefsson, is a great way to start off this CD. It helps bring a twist on the bland tribute albums that tend to be pale imitations of the originals. This idea of doing original music while being inspired by the band Gentle Giant is a refreshing thing. Maybe something like this can be done for other bands.

This is a hard sell for me but if you enjoy well written and played progressive music whether it be rock, folk or symphonic then this is a very nice album to add to your collection. If you’re a fan of how Gentle Giant approaches music then these artists are worthy of your investment. They really do pay tribute to one of progressive rock’s greatest bands but in their own way!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 12th, 2007


1. Let Truth Reveal the Beast (Dan Bornemark and Helena Josefsson)
2. As Young as I´m Old (Blissful Behemoth)
3. Eternal River (Glenn Liljeblad)
3. Come To My Land (Tomas Stark)
4. Giantique Quartet (Arranged and Produced by Dan Bornemark)
5. Lookout John (Joe Brozio)
6. The Blitz (Ant Bowles)
7. Randy Searches for the Original (Dionysus)
8. November Twisted (Glenn Liljeblad and Andy Kubicki)
9. Giantique for a Day (Arranged and Produced by Dan Bornemark)
10. Fragile Hearts (Joe Brozio)
11. Adventures in Syncopia (Tomas Stark)
12. Giantique Giant (Arranged and Produced by Dan Bornemark)
13. The House in November (The Region of Where and Glenn Liljeblad)
14. East & West (Tomas Stark)
15. Sarcastic Iconoclasts (The Region of Where)
16. The Prince and The Fox (David Kowalski)
17. From the Bottom of My Shoes (The Region of Where)
18. Giantique Aspire (Arranged and Produced by Dan Bornemark)
19. A Farewell (Glen Burg)

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