Artist/ Band: Various Artists
Title: Giant For An Hour: Music Inpsired By And In Tribute To Gentle Giant
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

I’m a recent fan of the band, Gentle Giant and still absorbing their music. So when Andy Kubicki informed me of this cd via email, I welcomed it with an open mind. This tribute album is different from other tributes albums as each of the entries are not (to my knowledge) Gentle Giant songs. This all came to be from members of the Gentle Giant internet discussion list called On-Reflection. Please click here For more information.

On this album, these artists, from all over the world, come together by their love and admiration of the music of Progressive Rock legends, Gentle Giant. All of which can claim Gentle Giant as their musical inspiration. None of the artists clone or mimic Gentle Giant, they actually pay tribute to them with styles that vary, some more in the vein of Gentle Giant than others.

After several listens, I can honestly say this is by far the best tribute album I’ve heard in years. Each track is well done and the production and packaging are very impressive. Stand out tracks for me are; Days in Cymru, Suit Yourself and Death At Sea. Honestly every track is fantastic. You can't go wrong here!

This is one of those albums that flew in under the radar that needs it’s existence to be known to all progressive rock fans. High recommended release! Check out the links in the track listings below or the MySpace link above for some music.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 12th, 2006


1. Days in Cymru
- Tomas Stark (Sweden)
2. Suit Yourself
- Dan Bornemark (Sweden)
3. Underture to a future Overture
- Bill Tindall (USA)
4. Death at Sea
- The Rebel Wheel (USA)
5. Lord Forrest
- Dionysus (USA)
6. Times and Miracles
- Joe Brozio (Netherlands)
7. Arborea: Rising Wind • The Gathering • The Voyage • Land's End
- Ken Abelson, Jonathan Roberts, Ariel Rudiakov(USA)
8. The Briar Man
- Ant Bowles (United Kingdom)
9. George the Cat
- The Vaporizers (USA)
10. If a Tree
- Jeff Smith & Jamie Krutz (USA)
11. After all these Years
- Tomas Stark (Sweden)
12. Craig-y-Nos
- Paul Beecham (United Kingdom)
13. Puppet Show
- Dionysus (USA)
14. Convergir
- Beduínos a Gasóleo (Portugal)
15. Utopian Heights:Phantasm • Ascent • Ingress
- Glen Burg & Andy Kubicki (Canada & USA)

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