Artist/ Band: Various Artists
Title: A Reflection: Yet More Music Inspired By And In Tribute To Gentle Giant
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

From the people that brought us ‘Giant For An Hour’ and ‘Giant For Another Hour’ comes their latest compilation ‘A Reflection’. I had the pleasure of reviewing both Giant releases, so when ‘A Reflection‘ was sent to me, I was quite excited to hear it. As the subtitle suggests, these tracks are inspired by Gentle Giant which shouldn’t be mistaken as a “tribute” album of Gentle Giant‘s music. Songs range from less than a minute to11 minutes and contains some memorable tracks like “Wood Nymphs” I noticed the music is closer to Gentle Giant’s than the previous efforts, which should please fans since the Giant is sleeping.

The epic of the compilation, “Islandia” has a slight Latin feel to it and keeps your attention all the way through. Think a Gentle Giant and a heavy early Santana mixture which gives the basis of the song. The shortest track, “We’re Not Home”, which has a humorous answering machine message. It’s presented here twice, a regular 21 second and a 35 second extended version.

Another highlight for me is “Off Bass” presented by Zed. It’s a pure jazz and funk track. It contains some excellent playing. In fact the entire compilation has a quality to it that must not be missed by any fan of Gentle Giant, progressive rock or jazz fusion. I recommend those fans to get this ASAP!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Januaury 9th, 2009


1. Playing The Boys (Dan Bornemark)
2. Wood Nymphs (Tomas Stark)
3. Four Doors (Bach & Leonard Overdrive)
4. Giantessence (Blissful Behemoth)
5. Fanfare (Adam Levin)
6. Echoes of Portsmouth (Eric Baumgartner)
7. Off Bass (Zed)
8. Preludia (Glenn Liljeblad, Andy Kubicki & friends)
9. Chalk Farm (Ant Bowles)
10. Islandia: Departure/Nightfall at Sea/Sunrise (Glenn Liljeblad, Andy Kubicki & friends)
11. We're Not Home - extended version (Alan Benjamin)
12. Attitudes and Lonelitudes (Dan Bornemark)
13. The Rose (John Eyre)
14. House on a Hill (Adam Levin)
15. Allegro Assi (The Tyler Administration)
16. Test 5.5 (Ant Bowles)
17. Giantology (Blissful Behemoth)
18. Libertée (J'Art)
19. Naissance (J'Art)
20. Still as Young as I'm Old (Blissful Behemoth)
21. We're Not Home (Alan Benjamin)

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