Artist/ Band: V/A
Title: Against All Odds: OST
Label: Atlantic Records
Year of Release: 1984
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The Review:

Is this prog? It has Genesis members Gabriel, Rutherford and of course, Collins in solo songs. Wonder why no Banks? ...or the whole band together for that matter? ANYway, everybody knows the title song I'm sure. It is one of Phil Collins best attempts at the sappy love song. Peter Gabriel's song "Walk Through the Fire" sounds like it could have come right off of Security, with tribal rhythms and syncopated keyboard/guitar. I'd easily rate this as the best song off this album.

Then thereís Mike Rutherford's "Making a Big Mistake" Hey! Let's stop there! This is 1984! Pre-Mike & the Mechanics, post Mikeís solo records Smallcreep's Day and Acting Very Strange. At this point in time Mike thought he was a singer and wasnít employing others to do this task better for his solo career. Itís curious how both Rutherford and Tony Banks tried singing their entire second albums after producing excellent first and later albums with fine vocalists. Well, Rutherford was definitely better at being a singer than Banks, and this song is continuing the style he established on his second record.

Stevie Nicks and Big Country also donate songs to this soundtrack album. I was not impressed much by their contributions. However, Kid Creole's "My Male Curiousity" is kind of a guilty pleasure, as I think this tune is kinda catchy! It's just outside the norm enough to appeal to me.

Turn the LP over (oops! gave it away) and find a score played and mostly written by Larry Carlton (Steely Dan and session guitarist for nearly every cool commercial artist in the 70's). Well, unfortunately this is not one of Carlton's better efforts. Banks has done soundtracks for other pictures, why wasnít this his involvement? It would have been a nice finish to the album as our other three Genesis members pull in some pretty good marks. But it was not to be.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on April 20th, 2007


1. Against All Odds - Phil Collins
2. Violet & Blue - Stevie Nicks
3. Walk Through The Fire - Peter Gabriel
4. Balcony - Big Country
5. Making A Big Mistake - Mike Rutherford
6. My Male Curiosity - Kid Creole & The Coconuts
7. The Search (Main Title Theme) - Larry Carlton & Michel Colombier
8. El Solitario - Michel Colombier & Larry Carlton
9. Rock And Roll Jaguar - Larry Carlton & Michel Colombier
10. For Love Alone - Larry Carlton
11. The Race - Larry Carlton
12. Murder Of A Friend - Larry Carlton & Michel Colombier

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