Artist/ Band: Uzumaki
Title: Join Us
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Uzumaki is a project featuring musicians from several band in Holland. The debut, ’Join Us’ is all instrumental, in the progressive technical metal genre. The band is Joost Nusselder (guitars, bass and Chapman stick), Matthijs Hoesintalib (guitars). Ruben Meibergen (drums) and Antal Nusselder (keyboards). I received a demo CD-R version for review and it took several times listening to get used to the music. Honestly, this style of guitar driven progressive metal really isn‘t a favorite type of music. With that said, I think Uzumaki is doing a great job instrumentation wise on the songs.

I really can’t say I personally like this album but if you enjoy instrumental progressive metal and bands like Liquid Tension Experiment, Planet X , any of Derek Shernian’s solo or side project (to name a few) then the music of Uzumaki is for you! You can hear Uzumaki’s music on their MySpace.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 19th, 2008


1. Prelude (Storm)
2. Sweep You Off Your Feet
3. Artifical Sweetner
4. A Badger's Fluffy Tale
5. Join Us
6. Hermetic Visions Of The Colosseum
7. JPB
8. Quickly, Decelerate!
9. Spiced Up Funk

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