Artist/ Band: Under The Sun
Title: Schematism: On Stage With Under The Sun
Label: Progrock Records
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Under The Sun was invited to play NEARfest in 2001 and a live recording surfaced 4 years later on Progrock Records. The live album showcases how awesome of a live band Under The Sun was/is. Under The Sun is basically a hard rocking progressive band that combines influences of Kansas, Rush and Genesis without coming off as a clone of either of those bands.

I first heard about Under The Sun back in 1998 when I got a chance to see them live at a club in Van Nuys, California. I really enjoyed the way they sounded live, so when I heard they were going to have a official live recording available I was looking forward to it. Since listening to it several times, I admit that their studio versions pale in comparison to the live ones.

The songs on this live CD, Schematism: On Stage With Under The Sun, are basically the whole debut plus a brand new 13 minute song called Souljourner. Those that were at NEARfest get a chance to relive the show and those that werenít or havenít seen the band can now enjoy the live Under The Sun experience. As far as live albums go, this is one of the better recorded thus making it a repeated visitor to any of my CD players.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 10th, 2005


1. Tracer
2. Perfect World
3. Dream Catcher
4. The Time Being
5. Reflections
6. This Golden Voyage
7. Souljourner (I Am Forever)
8. Breakwater
9. From Henceforth Now And Forever

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