Artist: Uneven Steps
Title: Celebration of Regret
Label/ Date: Step And A Half 2001


1. Conductor's Wife [4:20]
2. Spare Me The Burden Your Cross [1:50] - as Conductor's Wife
3. Empty Room [4:12]
4. Celebration of Regret [4:27]
5. Mikayla [6:02]
6. Unfinsihed Conversation [2:44]
7. Post Mortem Appology [2:55]
8. Postcard From The Depths of Shame [3:45]
9. Mirror [4:02]

The Review:

Much of the same style as their previous works but this time minus Angela. Even though it could be deemed as an Evan Symons' solo project, it still is a band effort.

Now there's one track that really stands no cries out, Mikayla. This has a dreamy soundscape going on... pyschedelic drumming.... broading vocals.... this is what the band and/or Evan should try for more often... I hope they do. Evan again is a very talented singer/ musician and I think he should explore this side more.

~Ron for [February, 12th 2002]

Band Members:

Micheal Symons - Guitars
James Dean IV - Bass
Angela Rancourt - Vocals
Joe Bodner - Drums
Evan M. Symons - Guitars, Vocals


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