Artist: Uneven Steps
Title: Pacified
Label/ Date: Step And A Half 1996


1. Three [2:49]
2. Sleep It Off [4:25]
3. Lofty Elite [3:26]
4. Catcus Eyes Don't Matter [2:41]
5. Just As Well [5:30]
6. Feel, Don't Follow [3:45]
7. Turn Your Motor Down [4:33]
8. Spiced Litany [2:32]
9. Damsel In Repress [5:35]
10. After A Fashion [3:36]
11. Repent [1:26]

The Review:

Uneven Steps to my ears is part "X", part pyschedelic garage band, Uneven Steps crosses genres but staying simple.
Evan and Angela's dual vocals remind me of John Doe and Exene.

Although not mainstream I would say there's anything new covered here but if you like simple song based structures then this is a band for you. I'm not sure why ProgNaut was chosen to review this CD but I'm deeply honored and I only wish I coud do the band more justice but they are not my cup of tea.

Sorry guys... I would however like to see Angela doing something solo...

~Ron for [February, 13th 2002]

Band Members:

Micheal Symons - Guitars
James Dean IV - Bass
Angela Rancourt - Vocals
Joe Bodner - Drums
Evan M. Symons - Guitars, Vocals


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