Artist/ Band: Twinspirits
Title: The Music That Will Heal The World
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

The Music That Will Heal the World, the debut album from prog-metal band Twinspirits, formed by multi-instrumentalist Daniele Liverani (Empty Tremor/Genius/Khymera) falls within the Dream Theater style camp but in a more melodic and dynamic fashion. Joining Daniele (who serves as keyboardist) are Tommy Ermolli (guitars), Alberto Rigoni (bass), Dario Ciccioni (drums) and on vocals, Soren Nico Adamsen.

At one time I thought of Daniele as the Italian Ayreon but now hes much more than that and it shows more on Twinspirits. While the music reminds me of Dream Theater (circa Image & Words), they add some instrumentation that could have shown the direction where Dream Theater could have gone on a follow-up. Ive read that some think lead singer Adamsen is the weak link of the band. I have to disagree because while hes not technically proficient he does convey a raw side, not hear in bands in this genre. Think of a more structured, more focused Paul Di'Anno and you get the idea of what Adamsen sounds like.

I do tend to enjoy the longer pieces as they show what the band is made of. Some of the shorter songs are good but they tend to be on the more commercial side of the melodic metal spectrum than prog-metal. Twinspirits, has the chops, I hear it, but something is missing. I hope they can re-invent the genre with a follow-up and truly blow our minds. They can do it. I can really only recommend this band to fans of prog-metal especially the other bands Daniele has been involved with.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 21st, 2007


1. Projected
2. Back To Reality
3. What You Want
4. Take My Hand
5. Power To Kill
6. Understand
7. Fire
8. It's Just Life
9. The Music That Will Heal The World

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