Artist: tvfordogs
Title: Heavy Denver
Label/ Date: Wampus Multimedia/ 2002


1. Patient Pilgrim [4:15]
2. FAQ [4:00]
3. Capsule Wardrobe [5:13]
4. Come to My Senses [3:36]
5. Keep it Coming [4:05]
6. To Be The First [2:23]
7. Emergent [3:21]
8. Around [3:31]
9. Our Angel [3:03]
10. At Home With The Stars [3:59]
11. Clouds [3:28]
12. Too Soon To Leave [3:51]

The Review:

I received a advanced pressing of tvfordogs' debut "Heavy Denver" earlier this month from their label, Wampus Multimedia. They're a London-based modern art-rock band which features influences by pop icons the Beatles and XTC to grunge acts such as Stone Temple Pilots as well as post-modern bands like Radiohead & Coldplay. You can hear all those elements in tvfordogs.

The band name, according to their website (click the album cover for more info), comes from a Brazilian musician Neil worked with. It's a euphemism for rotisseries in his country to when cooking a chicken, for example, scores of dogs would line up and stare at the cooker as if it were a TV screen.

The ablbum name, "Heavy Denver", again according to the website) is a reference to a BBC comedy show which spoofs a mythical rock band, Bad News, who were seeking a term to define their musical style.

"Heavy Denver" is an excellent collection post-modern rock/ art-rock music that will also go well with fans of Collective Soul, Our Lady of Peace and Seven Mary Three!

~Ron for [November 25th, 2002]

Band Members:

Neil Luckett - Lead Singer, Guitarist and songwriter
Andres Luengo - Drums
Mark Homer - Bass
Sarah Freestone - Strings, Percussion, Guitar

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