Artist/ Band: Tuner
Title: Muut: Live In Estonia 2007
Label: Unsung Records
Year of Release: 2008
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Tuner, the forward-thinking duo of Markus Reuter (touch guitarist/keyboardist) and Pat Mastelotto (drummer/electronics), which so far have released two amazing jaw-dropping albums, their instrumental debut Totem (2005) and vocal based Pole (2007). In 2008 they released a live album called MÜÜT which documents their 2007 tour of Estonia. MÜÜT contains more interpretations of both studio albums that by-the-numbers renditions that most bands do. There are some post-production overdubbing but not as a correction tool, rather to augment the overall sound. One can only imagine what the visuals of this album would hold.

The album ranges musically from ambient soundscapes (mostly on “Bells Of Tartu” and the epic “Imur“) to epic aggressive playing ala King Crimson (“Tied Into A Phrase”) to even some “hip-hop” (“On Bass“ which includes sampling of Toyah Wilcox, Robert Fripp‘s wife) These are just some highlights that captured my attention on this album.

Very very recommended especially if you’re a fan of the first two Tuner albums, the solo works by Mastelotto, Reuter or even the last incarnation of King Crimson (the ProjeKcts -2000-?) then MÜÜT is a must have augmented-live album. It’s clearly a perfect starting point for those interested in hearing what Tuner is all about but might have some reservations. Push those reservations aside because I can almost guarantee you’ll be hooked on the music just like I was back in 2005.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 21st, 2009


01. Bells Of Tartu
02. Tied Into A Phrase
03. Slow Caberet
04. On Bass
05. Rocky Looks Like A Flower
06. Muut
07. Viljandi Presidential Suite
08. Imur
09. The Organ Grinder's Addiction

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