Artist: Various
Title: Think Tank Media Sampler Volume Two
Label/ Date: Thin Tank Media / 2000


1. Into the Sunset Suite* [14:03]
- Erik Norlander "Into the Sunset"
2. Astrology Suite* [16:34]
- Lana Lane "Secrets of Astrology"
3. Aqua Vitae Medley* [12:34]
- Rocket Scientists "Oblvion Days"
4. Mariner [11:27]
- Rocket Scientists "Brutal Archecture"
5. So Long [6:51]
- Mark McCrite "Getting to the Point"
6. Under the Olive Tree [6:27]
- Lana Lane "Gardens of the Moon" and "The Best of Lana Lane: 1995-99"
7. No Cross To Carry [5:44]
- Erik Norlander "Threshold"

The Review:

Just like all great record labels, a sampler of their artists is used as a focal point in promotion to draw in new listeners.

In 2002 Think Tank Media released in conjunction with Progression magazine a second sampler, optly entitled Sampler Volume Two.

This time showcasing exanded versions of TTM's premier recording artists such as hard rock/symphonic Diva, Lana Lane to lengendary local Los Angeles progressive rock band Rocket Scoentists.

This time around the songs include extended renditons from the afore mentioned Rocket Scientists and Lana Lane along with an contributions by Rocket Scientists' vocalist/guitarist, Mark McCrite and keyboardist extrodinare Erik Norlander.

Mark shows off his prog/pop roots with a wonderful contribution of "So Long" off his debut, Getting To The Point. Erik's contribution is an expanded version of the title track off his second solo album Into the Sunset, which features some tasty prog-metal guitar from Arjen "Ayreon" Lucassen. Also featuring some amazing vocals by Lana Lane, Robert Soeterboek and Edward Reekers of legendary prog band Kayak. Still not sure what TTM release to buy? Maybe this sampler will help out your dilema with another amazing body of work!

~Ron for [January 6th, 2003]

Band Members:

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