Artist: Various
Title: Think Tank Media Sampler Volume One
Label/ Date: Think Tank Media / 1999


1. Queen of the Ocean [9:52]
- Lana Lane "Queen of the Ocean"
2. Wake Me Up [5:42]
- Rocket Scientists "Brutal Archecture"
3. Critical Mass [7:30]
- Erik Norlander "Threshold"
4. Escher's Staircase [6:07]
- Lana Lane "Curious Goods"
5. Calm Before the Storm (live) [5:06]
- Rocket Scientists "Earth Below and Sky Above: Live in Europe and America"
6. Evolution Revolution [8:17]
- Lana Lane "Gardens of the Moon" and "Echoes of the Moon"
7. Earthbound [4:06] - Rocket Scientists "Earthbound"
8. Avalon [6:22] - Lana Lane ""Ballad Collection"
9. A Night in the Garden [8:00] - Lana Lane "Love Is An Illsuion: 1998 Version"
10. Cup O' Joe [5:50]
- Neil Citron "Guitar Dreams"
11. Destination Roswell (live) [6:31]
- Lana Lane "Live in Japan"

The Review:

Just like all great record labels, a sampler of their artists is used as a focal point in promotion to draw in new listeners.

In 1999, Think Tank Media continues that tradition with it's first sampler, optly entitled Sampler Volume One.

The sampler showcases TTM's premier recording artists such as hard rock/symphonic Diva, Lana Lane to lengendary local Los Angeles progressive rock band Rocket Scoentists.

Songs include live renditons from the afore mentioned Rocket Scientists and Lana Lane along with an inclusion of long time LL guitarist Neil Citron contribution of "Cup O' Joe" from his Guitar Dreams album.

Since most people aren't made of gold, this sampler is a very good way of wetting one's music palate of an amazing body of work!

~Ron for [January 6th, 2003]

Band Members:

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