Artist/ Band: The Seventh Season
Title: Fall Within
Label: Independent Records, Inc.
Year of Release: 2002
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The Review:

The Seventh Season were formed back in Moscow in 1972. Now 20 years later and a move to the USA, the now father/son combination of Yuri Batygin (father) and Konstantin (son) have returned with music mix of folk, classic rock, art rock, sometimes glam rock and new wave. The lyrics are sometimes in an 'accented' English, sometimes in Russian. I must admit the vocals are a tough thing to get through but the music has the 70ís vibe going for it makes up for that.

I would put The Seventh Season in the same breath as Phideaux, Wilton Said to name a few. All of these bands seem to corner the 70ís sound without sounding retro or forced.

This is a hard thing to recommend but if you like the more DIY sound, then youíre in for a treat. Some highlights to me are 'Commando' and 'Army Of Reason' with itís classic rock appeal. All the rest are as good but in different ways. If you want your music thatís not all glossy and layered, then The Seventh Season is the band for you. I would recommend this band and their album ĎFall Withiní as something to seek out.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Decemeber 24th, 2006


1. Commando
2. So Insane
3. Pirate Song
4. Like Years Ago
5. Fall Within
6. Desire
7. Drag Me
8. New Day
9. Save My Soul
10. Magician
11. Morning
12. Army of Reality

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