Artist/ Band: Truth Squad
Title: Superkiller
Label: Ryanetics Music
Year of Release: 2003
official Truth Squad website (for more info on this and the band's other cds)


1. More
2. Chunky Voodoo
3. Down
4. Road Raga Pt. 1
5. Road Raga Pt. 2
6. Heaven Sent
7. Big Bang Pt. 1
8. Big Bank Pt. 2
9. Cassanova
10. Trick Bag
11. Cranberry Golden Green

The Review:

Truth Squad is a nice belend of The Flyin' Ryan Borthers and KOPECKY. The music is almost an updated style in the vien of Wishbone Ash with it's soulful, melodic, funky at times, blues based rock n' roll. This release is by no means progressive rock but it is a very well done collection of instruemental and vocal tracks. Some of the vocal tracks I could have done without but over-all they're solid.

Just like KOPECKY, Truth Squad is a trio (see below for whois in the band). I'm hoping for more releases in the near future from these guys. A special treat was to see my name in the "thank you" section of the liner notes. That was very nice of the band. It just goes to show you that as musicians thay haven't forgotten that people like me are helpful in getting the word out since they quite aren't in the "mainstream" vien.

Please get a copy if you enjoy good music even if it's not prog. Click on the website link above for more info.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 20th, 2004

Band Members:

Jimmy Ryan - Guitar, Flutar, Vocals & effects
Bill Kopecky - 4, 5 & 6 String Bass guitars, Fretless bass, Sitar & Synthesizer
Johnny Mrozek - Drums & percussion

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