Artist/ Band: The Red Masque
Title: Flesh For Feathers
Label: Big Balloon Music
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

The Red Masque returns with their second full length release, Flesh For Feathers. With the release the music is darker, and overall more evil sounding musically and vocally. They continue their own brand of progressive rock that brings to mind Red-era Crimson and 70's Univers Zero. Most notably, Lynnetteís vocals continue their angelic sound but this time the ďevilĒ side is unleashed. Sometimes she sounds like Toyah.

The first track, House of Ash takes you on a wild ride starting with a atmospheric sound building to a violent almost metallic assault, then going off. It reminds me of the instrumentation approach King Crimson did on Starless but with a more avant slant. Passage, is a softer but still haunting in itís own way with again more nods to Crimson.

The rest of the songs continue in a surrealistic nightmarish journey. Itís music that needs to approached with a very open mind. Itís not for the faint of heart. Oh and itís an experience to listen on headphones played loud, in the dark. Your nightmares come to life with Flesh For Feathers. Iím so honored to have a chance to review this disc. To my ears, itís what progressive rock is truly all about. I highly recommend Feathers For Flesh as a must buy cd of 2004 and beyond!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 25th, 2004


1. House Of Ash
2. Passage
3. Yellow Are His Opening Eyes
4. Beggars & Theives
5. Scarlet Experiment

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