Artist: Tribus
Title: Manual Acrobats
Label/ Date: Self release 2002


1. Ressurection [6:26]
2. Oasis [6:18]
3. I Remember Love [4:35]
4. Digital Eyes [5:41]
5. Suspicious [5:48]
6. Trauma [6:56]
7. En Mis Pensamientos [5:04]

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The Review:

Tribus is a Los Angeles based instrumental progressive "project" led by bassist Carlos Soto.

The CD, "Manual Acrobatics"came to me in the form of a cdr and upon hearing their "demo", I can see great promise with them musically but each song has a similar sound which could mean it's either a peice of music broken into 7 parts or an unimagined collection of songs.

Something is missing and I can't seem to pinpoint it but maybe the inclusion of acoustic drums or take out some of the electronic percussion sounds would break up the rather boring and limited way each song is done. Hopefully this isn't the finished product...

~Ron for [June 2nd, 2002]

Band Members:

Carlos Soto - Bass
Alex Llorens - Guitars
Voice McGinleyn - Drums


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