Artist: Trespass
Title: In Haze of Time
Label/ Date: Musea/ 2002


1. Creatures of the night [8:29]
2. In haze of time [6:53]
3. Gate 15 [7:19]
4. City lights [5:10]
5. Orpheus suite [5:42]
6. Troya [5:24]
7. The mad house blues [5:18]

The Review:

Trespass are a three piece band from Jerusalem who have recently been added to the roster of the premier French progressive rock label, Musea.

Their music have a 70's sound with a crystal clear modern production. When listening to Trespass, the bands that come to mind are ELP and The Nice.

Until the time that "In Haze of Time" was comleted, Gil was not exposed to progressive rock bands of the seventies. He had no idea when fan's were mentioning such bands Gentle Giant, ELP, The Nice Rick Wakeman, etc.

In fact, the first progressive rock album that Gil heard was ELP's "Tarkus". After a few seconds of listening, he had a big smile on his face and said, "...I guess we didn't invent the wheel...". Now this statement could be looked in so many ways but I see it as a man who is in the truest sense, a progressive rock composer and not a band singer either. Heck his guitar work is amazing as well.

Gil's voice at sometimes reminds me of the quieter Freddie Mercury moments of the mid seventies Queen releases. Aside from vocal based songs, including some humor, the instrumental passages make this a very enjoyable and impressive body of work. I do hope Trespass will be around for years to come.

"In Haze of Time" is so far my favorite release of 2002 and highly recommended!!!

~Ron for [September 1st, 2002]

Band Members:

Gil Stein - Keyboards, Vocals, Recorders and some guitar parts
Gabriel Weissman - Drums
Roy Bar-tour - Bass

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