Artist: Transcience

Title: Primordial

Produced by: Fred Hunter

Label/ Date: Cyclops/ 2003


1. Heaven & Earth [11:15]
2. Mind [4:25]
3. Riding The Iron Rooster [9:35]
4. A Stones Throw From Nowhere [9:04]
5. Hollow Gardens [3:00]
6. How Lucky They Are [6:35]
7. Blurring the Margins [4:27]
8. For Will Alone [4:17]
9. Blurred Beyond Recognition [9:09]

MP3 Section
1. Two Stations Down [5:36] 2000
2. See It Now [5:38] 1998
3. Aquadream [30:23] 1997
4. Hang It Upside Down [5:30] 1996
5. LA Post (live) [3:52] 8/1998 at Pettersons Coffee Store
6. A Stones Throw From Nowhere (original mix) [18:54] 1999-2000

The Review:

Transcience continues in 2003 with their second release from Cyclops Records called Primordial. This is still pretty much a Fred Hunter solo project since he does a bulk of the instrumentation. He again enlists his fellow Lands End band mates to create a sound that mirrors LE but more on an ambient side.

Guitarist Francisco "Kiko" Neto again lays down his soulful guitar solos through-out the disc. He is truly one of progís unsung guitar heroes.. Jeff McFarland's emotional vocal delivery and additional guitar playing adds just the right lest and familarity. Jeff delivers yet again with both emotional and thought provoking lyrics.

Mark Lavallee is on board this time doing percussives. Iím not sure but they sound rather drum machine like but I could be wrong. Either way it sounds very stale and tinny. Sorry guys you need some real drum work here.

Included is 6 MP3 files dating back to 1997. I being a newbie to the computer world am still having troubles bringing them up. I was on a webtv internet television prior to August 2003

~Ron for [November 11th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Mark Lavellee - Percussives
Jeff McFarland - Vocals, Guitars
Francisco Neto - Guitars
Steve Ades - Saxaphone
Fred Hunter - Keyboards, Bass, Guitars and Programming

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