Artist: Torman Maxt
Title: The Foolness of God
Label/ Date: Mars Hill Records 2001

The Review:

This new prog-metal trio hailing from right here in Southern California (Costa Mesa) is more rooted in the 80's style metal ala Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Helloween & Megadeth than in progessive genre, but they do it rather well.

The vocalist has a very nice range wthin those bands mentioned above with a end result of a nice late 80's (circa 1987) heavy metal sound laced with progressive themes. His guitar playing is well done, handing both electric and accoustic styles. The bassist & drummer fit in nicely with the overall sound, helps to be related too

Speaking of themes, this is another christian band, like Divine*In*Sight that does NOT push religion in your face, too much, which as I said previously is a major turn-off for me.

Most of the songs are short and punchy with the except of the title track, which is abit preachy with it's opening narrative but not enough to turn me off.

My only problem is that it does sound more like a 80's band with the thick drum sound, the bass drum is barely noticable on certain songs. Perhaps a crisper production will be a factor in future endeavors for the band? This cd is recommended to those who like heavy metal "prog" style.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 20th, 2001


A. From The Inside (part 1)
1. Vanity Explored [4:54]
2. Ghost Town [3:15]
B. External Perspectives
3. City of Man [5:15]
4. The Stage [3:24]
5. Space and Time [5:06]
6. Off This Planet [2:13]
7. The China Song [6:49]
C. From The Inside (Part 2)
8. 40 Days [3:59]
9. Life Sketches III: Sin [1:43]
10. Silence Isn't Golden [3:34]
D. Foolishness
11. Life Sketches IV: Eternity [2:45]
12. The Foolshness of God [10:46]

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