Artist/ Band: Torman Maxt
Title: The Problem of Pain: Part 1
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

The Problem of Pain-Part 1, the latest release from Torman Maxt, is a Christian based concept album centering on the characters like angels, Satan, and the main character Job (based upon the book of Job from the Old Testament which investigates why God allows evil and human suffering on earth). Very deep subject matter, yes indeed, but if you can look past it and hear the music, you’ll have a great listen. Honestly the message is not a preachy one. Besides on the back cover, the band quotes C.S Lewis from the book Problem of Pain for the album is named after.

Musically Torman Maxt is rooted in progressive rock and metal elements, and reminds me a little of a blend of Rush, Fates Warning and Pallas. There’s plenty of keyboard parts as well as the crunchy style guitar. The band consists of Tony Massaro (lead vocalist & guitarist), Dominic Massaro (bass, keyboards) and Vincent Massaro (drums). Yes theses are brothers that rock hard but with the intelligence of progressive rock.

If you enjoy the afore mentioned bands, and like Christian based music then get yourself a copy of Torman Maxt’s ‘The Problem Of Pain, Part 1’ as soon as you can. I’d say it’s a recommended release.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 21st, 2007


Chapter 1: Prologue
1. - - Overture
2. - - Job's Song

Chapter 2: Job's First Test
3. - - The Angel's First Song
4. - - Satan's First Song

Chapter 3: Job's First Response
5. - - Job's Initial Shock
6. - - Jobs's Resolve
7. - - Job's Commitment

Chapter 4: Job's Second Test
8. - - The Angel's Second Song
9. - - Satan's Second Song

Chapter 5: Job's Second Response
10. - - Job's Contemplation
11. - - Job's Second Response
12. - - Job's Wife
13. - - A Great Silence

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