Artist: Tony Hernando
Title: The Shades of Truth
Label/ Date: Lion Music/ 2002


1. At the Crossroads [5:54]
2. Behind the Catwalk [5:05]
3. House of Glass [4:14]
4. Uncommon Vision [5:52]
5. Slow Blues [5:15]
6. The Silence of Loss [4:25]
7. Broken Hero [6:42]
8. The Edge [6:30]
9. Outsiders [7:05]
10. Eleven 30 [4:55]
11. Still Believe [2:40]

The Review:

"The no 1 guitarist from Spain's 2nd solo album featuring Mike Terrana on drums. from chicken picking to funky, fusion or progressive, this is an album for the guitar fans who are looking not only for "high tech shredding" but beautiful compositions. featuring also Keyboard wizard Vitalij Kuprij and guitar monster Andy Timmons" - Lion Music

The music on "The Shades of Truth" are well written and composed, sadly no new ground is broken as it's been done too many times before.

There is the "obilgatory" blues signatures in several tunes along with some beautiful ballads that very well could have been used in soundtracks.

One song that stands out to my ears is "Broken Hero". A beautiful heartfelt song with soaring guitar leads supported by a great rythm section and syth background.

For those who love guitar-driven rock with classical, blues and jazz influences then Tony Hernando's 2002 release, The Shades of Truth" is the CD for you!

~Ron for [September 27th, 2002]

Band Members:

Tony Hernando - Guitars
Pepe Boo - Bass
Mike Terrana - Drums


Vitalij Kurprij - Keyboards on "Outsiders"
Victr Diez - Keyboards on "Behind the Catwalk"
Victor M. Herero - additional Keyboards
Alberto Havalee - additional Keyboards
Andy Timmons - guest Guitar solo on "The Edge" & "Eleven 30"

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