Artist/ Band: Tomorrow's Eve
Title: Mirror of Creation 2 – Genesis II
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

I don’t think you can be disappointed with a concept album such as “Mirror of Creation 2 – Genesis II”. (The story is about a guy who lost memory and doesn’t know about his own identity. It’s full of emotions: love, drama, panic). This was the first album I ever heard of “Tomorrow’s Eve” but they would have three releases in their discography to this day: “The Unexpected World” (in 2000), “Mirror of Creation” (in 2003) and “Mirror of Creation 2 – Genesis II” is the latest one.

The band is from Germany and the line-up changed quite a few times since their first CD. Here, “Mirror of Creation 2” gathers EXCELLENT vocalist Martin LeMar (who I know from Lalu’s band), guitarist Rainer Grund, keyboardist Oliver Schwickert, bassist Chris Doerr and drummer Tom Diener. (Martin, Chris and Tom are respectively replacing Peter Webel, René Müller and Ralf Gottlieb, who played in the first part of the project in 2003).

“Mirror of Creation 2”, 68 minutes long album, is very strong and brilliant vocally, lyrically and instrumentally. I TOTALLY LOVE Martin LeMar vocals, which are extremely powerful, but also pure and clear. There are plenty of BEAUTIFUL backing vocals throughout the CD (by the way, you can hear guest Jenny Klos singing in “The Market of Umbra” and “Not from this World”). Special mention to the guitars and keys, which consist of the strongest musical aspect of this CD (my favourite parts, too) !!! These are 12 songs that will leave you BREATHLESS at the end.

Musically, it is strong enough to purge all the bad mood from you. It’ll leave you “empty” at the end (or should I rather say “completely satisfied”). I could listen to it all day long. Only two words here: AWESTRUCKING. UNCOMMON. Progressive metal lovers enjoying Kamelot’s vocal style will be delighted by “Tomorrow’s Eve” as well. I liked it from the first track till the end and it didn’t take me more than one spin for that ! Every single song is GREAT (unfortunately, I can’t make comparison with the first part: “Mirror of Creation”. Seems like the music in this CD would be very similar and faithful to the first part, just don’t know what to expect, vocally…). But the band isn’t “complicated” and is very easy to get into it, musically. I think it could reach anyone easily, can’t give a reason why someone would not enjoy it. It’s quite heavy most of the time, goes even to the power metal style once in a while, but it can reach many different music tastes, not only progressive fans. It was a real fun to dig this CD and I absolutely want to hear the other ones.

Best tracks:

“Man Without a Name”: only instrumental, but loved the keys into it. “Amnesia”: very heavy and catchy song, in which vocals remind me a bit of Tobias Sammet’s in some parts.

“The Eve Suite”: I especially liked the vocals and the keys, here. Nice mix between heavy and sweet music. Second best song, instrumentally. Awesome drums !

“The Market of Umbra”: loved the Persian vibe at the beginning and the “echoing” vocals. “Not from this World”: it was nice to hear male and female vocals “answering to each other”. Loved that.

“Eye for an Eye”: among the shortest ones, but sounds very pure and clear, sweet, peaceful. Refreshing cut for the middle of the album as it’s heavy quite all the time. So it consists of a nice pause. “Distant Murmurs”: fantastic guitars and drums.

“The Trials of Man”: about 12 minutes long !! It’s the MOST PERFECT song, instrumentally, vocally and lyrically, with the arrangements, everything !!! Nicest keys. Perfect closure for the album. Listen to the third and fourth minutes, it’s just brilliant !!! While the seventh minute is more “bluesy”. Thumbs up to the sound quality and the booklet (made by ultra talented art worker Carl André Beckston, also known as Monowasp) ! Great job, guys ! That deserves an other 10/10 rate !! Now, stay tuned for next album “The Tower”…

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on May 31st , 2008


1- Man Without a Name
2- Amnesia
3- Pain
4- The Eve Suite: I) A Gentle Light, II) Shelter and Hope, III) Days Turn Into Weeks, IV) Eve
5- The Market of Umbra 7. Eye for an Eye
8. Irreversible
9. Distant Murmurs
10. Rebirth
11. Human Device
12. The Trials of Man

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