Artist/ Band: Tears of Anger
Title: In The Shadows
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

“In the Shadows” is composed of 12 tracks for a total time of about 47 pleasant minutes. As soon as I started to play the CD, I thought I had recognized Daniel Flores’ drumming style and I was right ! He and bassist Johan Niemann (both from “Mind’s Eye”) participate in this “Tears of Anger” project with brothers Björn (singer) and Benny (guitars) Jansson, leaders of the Swedish band.

The vocals on this album are simply great and fit perfectly with the music, a blend of progressive and melodic metal. Something quite special. To me, the vocals and music sound a bit aggressive and heavy sometimes, but it sounds very good that way and in fact, it puts a sort of mood that won’t make you feel bored , but mostly “alive”.

“Sell My Soul”, my favourite track, is the sweetest one – if we can call it sweet, hehe. It starts with some piano and the lyrics are really good and meaningful. The vocals are very…um…prog. ?!

I also like “I Hate You” very much for it’s killer guitar solo and very good choruses parts, which are more in a melodic style and catchy the way I like it. The musical side of this song is really good, for what concerns all the instruments in fact.

Heavy and fast drums as deep vocals begin “Spirit Running Free” while another powerful beat keep going on “Tears in my Eyes”. I think the fastest songs are “Light up my Fuse” (for an obvious reason, haha) and “Full of Lies” and these too, are among the best ones in my own taste. “How Will I Live” has, for its part, very original and cool vocals.

The keys are quite discreet in general but oh, so very well placed and I love them !

An other good point to mention in my opinion is that the songs follow on from each other perfectly ! Every element is in its right place and is good, no matter if it’s on the vocal or musical part. The arrangements and quality are just superb ! I rate it 9/10.

Finally, “Tears of Anger” can’t be compared to any other band already existing. I’m quite sure that you will enjoy it a lot ! Go for it, you won’t be bored I promise you that !

Reviewed by Vikie Martel on Jume 22nd, 2006


1- In the Shadows
2- Spirit Running Free
3- Tears in my Eyes
4- I Hate You
5- Sell my Soul
6- Live These Dreams
7- Scene of the Crime
8- Light up my Fuse
9- How Will I Live
10- Full of Lies
11- Close to the Fire
12- I’m Coming Home

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