Artist/ Band: Tim Burness
Title: Vision On
Label: Expanding Consciousness
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

I had the pleasure of reviewing Tim Burness' previous album Finding New Ways To Love and now 4 years later his latest release Vision On. The line-up seems the same as his previous album including ex-Pendragon drummer Fudge Smith. Vision On explore a more progressive side that according to Timís website is a return to what his 80ís band Burnessence was doing. Since I havenít heard anything from that band, I canít make any comparisons. What I do hear is something very close to the Geoff Mann era of Twelfth Night as well as early IQ in most of the songs. Another band I hear that Tim sounds on par with is Canadian act Wilton Said.

While many bands are looking back to the 70ís for inspiration, Tim looks back to his progressive roots he started 20 some odd years ago. I have a feeling Tim may be one of the first ones to draw from the 80ís for inspiration since it was such desolate times for progressive rock. He nails down the vibe of that era perfectly but the only down side I hear is his voice. In small doses, I can handle it but in extended form it leaves me waiting for the instrumental parts of the song. Sorry Tim. Other than tat Vision on is a wonderful album and is recommended for fans of the afore mentioned bands.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 20th, 2008


1. Can You Hack It?
2. This Is Life
3. Space And Time
4. Undercurrents
5. All Through Your Life
6. Here Comes The Great Collapse
7. Broaden Your Horizons
8. Undercurrents II
9. Everyone Hears Voices
10. Triumph Of The Soul

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