Artist: Thieves' Kitchen
Title: Argot
Label/ Date: Self released 2001


1. John Doe Number One [20:22]

2. Escape [13:36]

3. Proximity [12:58]

4. Call To Whoever [17:41]

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The Review:

This is my first exposure to the modern prog band, Thieves' Kitchen and after hearing so much about them online. Then a good friend of mine sent me a copy of "Argot", who thought I'd enjoy the CD in exchange for a review.

"Argot", contains 4 longish (ranging from under 13 minutes to just over 20 minutes) wonderful tracks, musically it lies somewhere between neo and classic prog.

"Argot" "serves" up a fresh approach to progressive rock which has been plagued by either retro or the ultra-complex progressive acts.

They follow in the grand tradition of the 70's British icons that came before without sounding like a note-for-note dribble of some prog bands today.

Notably, one hears nods off to ELP (mostly Emerson), Genesis, Yes & King Crimson yet they retain a originality in the way they approach the instrumentation, which is both heavy and complex without veering into the prog-metal genre.

A very recommended CD for prog lovers longing for some substance and feeling in the music.

~Ron for [June 1st, 2002]

Band Members:

Andy Bonham - Bass
Simon Boys - Vocals
Wolfgang Kindl - Keyboards
Phil Mercy - Guitars
Mark Robotham - Electric Drums

Paul Beechum - Oboe


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