Artist: The Thicket

Title: The Thicket

Produced by: The Thicket Records

Label/ Date: Self release / 2003


1. Free Fall [4:14]
2. Defiance [7:05]
3. Canopy [4:08]
4. Sunday [6:58]
5. Kuskovo (Autumn) [9:25]
6. Life on the Crescent [3:55]
7. Beautiful Calamity [7:56]
8. Snow [8:01]
9. Wide Open [8:16]
10. Catharsis [5:38]

The Review:

The Thicket, a Canadian studio-based duo comprised of Andrei Poukhovski and Ivan Poukhovski-Sheremetyev, is a father and son collaboration. The bulk of the music on the CD is done with analogue, digital synthesizers, and a Theremin. The result of this father/son collaboration is a brilliant musical landscape that encompasses old school electronic music ala Tangerine Dream with some newer neo prog styles by way of the vocals.

The mood throughout the disc is very somber and symphonic, sometimes a gothic soundtrack at times have managed to make a sound that is both fresh and contemporary.

For those of you that like to know the lengths of the songs, they range from four to nine minutes, most in the eight minute range. There is no filler here folks, just wonderful musicians exploring many themes or soundscapes within one piece with a slight complexity. They bring “space rock” into the 21st Century, where it belongs.

This is probably one of the best “home” style recordings I’ve heard in a long while with it’s well produced and executed music. This is definitely a welcomed CD in my collection and should be in yours!

~Ron for [December 17th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Andrei Poukhovski - Keyboards, Theremin, Vocals
Ivan Poukhovski-Sheremetyev - Keyboards, Theremin, Vocals

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