Artist/ Band: The Fractured Dimension
Title: Towards The Mysterium
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Brand new American avant-garde metal band The Fractured Dimension, released their debut album "Towards The MysteriumĒ in 2008. which pays homage to the Russian pianist / composer / philosopher Alexander Scriabin. While on the technical side, itís not done to see how many notes they can fit in each song. In fact, the technical side shows the bandís ability to go beyond metal and jazz boundaries Just picture for a moment, taking a jazz-fusion band of the 70ís then bringing them up to date along side instrumental progressive metal. The band is is a trio consisting of Jimmy Pitts (keyboards), Jerry Twyford (bass) and Alex Arellano (drums).

After several spins, I honestly have trouble listening to this brand of music, not to say itís bad, just not for me. I can say that if you are a fan of avant-garde side of metal or even modern heavy sounding jazz-fusion, then The Fractured Dimension and their debut Towards The Mysterium needs to be added to your collection ASAP!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 30th, 2009


01. Prelude
02. Towards The Mysterium
03. Prism I: Reflection
04. Prism II: Refraction
05. Fibonacci's Notebook
06. Strangeness
07. The Mathematics of Divinity
08. Out of the Summer Sky
09. Worshipping Slonimsky in a Ravellian Mood
10. Piano Improv Take 1
11. Falling Down Stairs
12. Despair
13. Fractured Are the Nine Principals
14. Slendro: An Improv for Lane
15. Reiteration and Extemporaneous Noodling
16. Preparatory Action
17. Lecture

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